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Love it our hate it Facebook does have some qualities, although for this admirer I find them very few and often get frustrated by silly rules put in place, but I suppose with Facebook they do have to allow for anyone accessing content …but that’s not the case with our version and lets call it Sissy Facebook!


We all know how Facebook works so lets not teach granny to suck eggs, but how about a Sissy Facebook where rules just don’t apply, in fact the only rules are it must be of legal content and be yours, otherwise just post away !


It was out of frustration that the Sissy version of Facebook came out, although clearly, we don’t call it Sissy Facebook, its call the WALL… sexy yes? I think so, so what is the wall and how does it work like Facebook, but not LOL


Sissy Facebook v The Wall.

The idea behind Facebook is so that friends and follows can read your postings, view photos along with making comments, now this is all great if you are baking a cake or just wanting to have a rant about the price of fuel, but what if you wanted to post up photos in a sexy Sissy outfit, or doing something far more naughty…not a chance on Facebook.


Welcome in the “Wall” – It works very similar when you upload images or videos to your personals page these get posted within your timeline. All members can view these images, but only your friends and make comments.


Because you are within a members section where only adults can access there are no rules other than it must be legal and if posting up a video, your video. The content can really be anything from showing off a new outfit, sissy panties or maybe even getting a spanking.


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