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Sissy Chatroom pickups is one of the fastest ways to make local contacts as you know members are online
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Meet Up Online “Live Chatting” ..

Whats one of the best things about online dating sites? We’ll other than viewing horny Canadian sissies personals and of course admirers but following a VERY close second is the Sissy Chatrooms knowing that you are meeting up with members that are online right NOW.


Sissy Chatrooms have always been extremely popular and have been around for about as long as the internet and most member-based sites offer some type of live chat, some better than others and ours is the best, but you knew I was going to post that!


Most members when logging onto the site with check messages first, then will see what new members have joined local to them and last head over to the chatroom to either meet with other friends online or find new contacts ..


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When logging into the chatroom you have the choice of various rooms head towards, very much like a sissy social club, but online. You can either meet up for general chats, or head towards other dedicated chatrooms.


The rooms will all show how many members are in each room along with profile details so its possible to see just how busy Sissy Chat is before entering, also directly from here you can view members personals, photos and location details.


Once you join the chatroom, don’t be shy, say “hi” after all no one just wants to be some fly on the wall watching everything going on, jump in and start chatting to members. If you see a profile you like the look of say “hi” and start chatting.


Private Sissy Chat ..

All members can request a private chatroom with others, here you can set up your own private chat where you can have a one on one chat, often members will use this feature if they are arranging meets or just chatting about more personal things.


Before setting up and inviting a person into a Private chat its always polite to ask on the chatroon if the person would like to take the conversation private! Some members think its rude just to get a request from someone they have not talked to asking to go “private”


Sissy Chat Rules, Yep We Have Them..

When you first head into the chatroom section you will have to agree to follow rules along with be respectful towards other members. We do monitor the chatroom and anyone breaking rules will be asked to leave and in some cases banned from using the chat for a few days

Canada Sissy | Canada Trans Dating