What's the difference between a sissy and a crossdresser?

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Are Canadian Sissies the same as Crossdressers? No and yes, it depends
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Difference Sissy & Crossdresser..

I was reading an interesting Sissy forum discussion where a male admirer asked what the difference between a Sissy & a Crossdresser and whilst most had different views the common theme was defiantly that a sissy Crossdresser is by far a more submissive person.


From looking at the sissy profiles it does seem that most of the sissy contacts are seeking meets with more dominant males and guys that would be classed as more alfa males, rather than meeting with submissive males, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen a personals advert posted by a dominant Sissy, would there be such a thing?


For some the sissy scene is a sexual fetish, more like role play and with members like this they can often just crossdresser or should the person want be more submissive in nature offering an ultra-feminine crossdresser, so a sissy.


Sissy Humilation & Chastity Cock cage.

For many it’s the clothing that makes the sissy, rather then the suit that makes the man and in this case its except it’s the sissy clothing can and often does focus on the erotic humiliation sometimes even taking things further with the use of sexual chastity.


Whilst I’ve never had the pleasure of a sissy offering me the key to his sissy chastity cage some members will post images showing themselves with cock cages on and even offering total ownership to a master even offering a live in relationship with the sissy offering to clean & look after her master.


With many Canadian Crossdressers also being submissive and seeking dominant contacts it does not automatically apply that just because you are sub crossdresser that you are a sissy, because being a sissy also revolves around the look and the type of person you are..


Sissies meeting sissies ..

In the same way that crossdressers enjoy the company of other crossdressers for either fun or dressing meet ups Sissies likewise are seeking meetups with other Canadian Sissy Contacts. Once a member its very easy to meet with either or both types of contacts.


In summery Are Crossdressers the same as Sissys? No they tend to be more feminine and role playing meetups is defiantly something that a lot of sissy contacts look for when meeting with dominant males or females

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